Race Info

Mountain Bike

Distances and Starting Times:

65km - 7h15


48km - 7h30


25km - 7h45


12km - 8h00


More information about this route coming soon!


For the first 32km the riders will take the same route as the 80km ,this is a good test to see were your fitness levels lie, with open gravel roads and a jeep track.

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This is a very nice route for the not so fit and beginner riders, with a bit of everything, open gravel roads, single tracks and jeep tracks.

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A fun route for the children or the whole family.

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Trail Run

Distances and Starting Times:

16km - 7h


8km - 7h25


Colour Run - 11h00


The trail run is for the fitter runner, there are lots of steep climbs and descents, but it is one of the most beautiful and satisfying runs you will ever have. The route will take you up to one of Doringlaagte's beautiful lookout points and then to Tafelkop.

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The trail run is for the average runner, it is easy going but still takes you through the scenic Karooveld.

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Colour Run

The colour run will take you around the beautiful dam at Doringlaagte, it is about 2km route and will be run twice, everybody from young to old can take part, just be prepared to be painted!

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